Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Scourge

On the face of it what do Danish cartoons and Muslim rage have to do with the environment? Well, if nothing else, it should be an incentive for the West to implement an "energy" Marshall Plan. Admittedly, the fact that the U.S., at the moment, is certifiably brain dead makes it more difficult, but not impossible. We need to get very busy.

I've certainly attempted to try and understand the "visceral" rage of the Muslims. I've read about how the West exploited the Islamic world beginning in the nineteenth century. I totally agree. Of course, the exploitation was relatively easy after the Ottoman Empire had turned the region it controlled into an ossified, decaying relic, where millions of Muslims were exploited by their own governments as well as by religious superstition.

Many Muslims today are being discriminated against in the West. It seems most likely. We need to talk to one another, sooner than later. Should we begin before or after the burning stops, the manipulation ends, and the endless, threatening fatwahs cease?

The Danish publisher of the cartoons apparently intended to provoke--someone. The fact that he supposedly refused to publish similar cartoons of Jesus Christ, because he didn't want to offend Christians, doesn't help his credibility one bit.

I do, however, find religious fundamentalism--of any type--loathsome and detestable. It has nothing to do with rational thought. It certainly won't help us take real responsibility for the well being of the planet we live on. I find more transcendence in one sunset than all the ignorant ravings of the temple priests anywhere and anytime.

The decision is easy. Of course I'm a Dane. I have to be.


Johnysavage said...
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Anonymous said...

While the publishing of the cartoon by the Danish magazine is indeed controversial, another author made an interesting comparison...around the same time as the cartoon controversy, the Dan Brown book Da Vinci Code was, the book's main theme is no less difficult to digest for many die-hard Christians as cartoon is for the Muslims.

But, while we have indeed seen some protests against the Da Vinci Code, there has been no visceral rage, no violent protests, no deaths, no fatwas, no mass hysteria...

The question is: why? Is it because the Christians, on average, are more literate and live in more developed countries? Is it because there are dissimilarities between what the respective religions stand for? Or is it because the average Muslim is being more manipulated by the powers-that-be than the average Christian?

It is not easy to find an answer, but the results of the two controversial works are there for all to see...time to do some thinking?

Vic, Castor Oil Online